Remote interviews for podcasters

Effortlessly record your remote interviews in studio quality.

Simple and powerful
Get studio quality remote interviews. Every time.
High quality audio records lossless .wav for the best possible audio quality and easy post-production.
Separate tracks
Each guest is recorded on a separate track making post-production much easier.
No audio drift ensures that each participant's track stays synchronised, even during very long interviews.
Video chat
Video allows you to create a close connection with your guests. The video is not recorded but it makes your conversation more natural.
Always available
Your recordings are automatically uploaded to our cloud so you can access them from anywhere.
Great support
Talk to real people who care about you and your podcast.
Chat with us or send us an email
Great experience for guests makes the interview process dead simple and hassle-free.
Nothing to install
All your guest has to do is click the invite link and they are ready. works in most modern browsers.
Nothing to upload
After you’ve stopped recording the guest can leave right away. No need for them to upload any files!
Guest onboarding
To get great recordings every time, even with inexperienced guests, we walk each guest through some basic recording tips before their interview.
Create your first session to see the onboarding in action
Technical details
Want to know how creates the best possible interviewing experience?
Recorded locally
Each participant is recorded locally on their own computer to ensure the best possible audio quality.
Continuously uploaded
The recording is uploaded to our cloud during the interview. This ensures that you will never lose a recording, even if yours or a guest's computer crashes during the interview.
Resistant to bad connection
Temporarily losing your internet connection won’t affect the recording as the audio is recorded on each participant's own device, independant of network connection.
Simple and transparent pricing for every use case.
Perfect if you record remote interviews occasionally
$20 for 5 hours of recording
Perfect if you record remote interviews frequently
$20/month for unlimited recording