Record remote interviews that
sound & look great

Remotely is the platform content creators use to easily
record remote interviews in studio quality.

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Built for content creators

Remotely is built from the ground up to make remote interviews effortless,
allowing you to focus on your guests and content.

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Audio mode

Perfect if you prefer to focus only on audio or if your guests have limited internet bandwidth.

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Showcase of the video

Video mode

Video allows you to create a close connection with your guests and makes your conversation flow naturally.

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Schedule interviews

Automatically send calendar invites to your guests ahead of your interviews.

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Studio quality audio
Studio quality audio recorded locally in uncompressed .wav format.
Studio quality video
Studio quality video recorded locally in .mp4 format.
Separate tracks
Each participant is recorded on a separate track making post-production much easier.
No drift
Remotely ensures that each participant's track stays synchronized, even during very long interviews.
Multiple guests
Invite up to 8 simultaneous guests from anywhere around the world.
Effortless to use
No need to install anything, and after you’ve stopped recording the guests can leave right away without having to upload any files.
Resistant to unreliable internet connections
Connection issues won’t affect the recording quality as each recording is done locally on the participant's device, independent of network connection.
Automatic backups
The recorded media is uploaded to our cloud continuously throughout the interview, ensuring that you will never lose a recording.
Automatic post production
Remotely can automatically mix each track into a file that's ready to publish. Our advanced post production techniques makes sure you sound and look great, every time.


Paid yearly
Save up to $120
Includes 5 hours of recording per month
+$2.99 per additional hour
Record studio quality .WAV audio
Record studio quality .MP4 video
You can still see each other while recording
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Audio + Video
Includes 8 hours of recording per month
+$2.99 per additional hour
Record studio quality .WAV audio
Record studio quality .MP4 video
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